found a sketch I did a few months ago for a print I wanted to make

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so they revealed pictures of some upcoming nintendo merchandise, and i’m dying


it looks like they just sculpted a figure of an expand dong macro


someone at nintendo approved this for mass release


Love is… brave!

Meriam Ibrahim is a Sudanese woman who was given the death sentence for choosing to marry a man outside of her family background. She was pregnant with her second child, the baby you see in the bottom photo. Now she is free, and has a healthy second baby!

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What Sailor Moon Lacks for Women in 2014



Some people really need to stop overanalysing children’s cartoons to find things to be offended about. Especially if they can’t let go of their Murrica-centric view of the world. Japan is not America, blonde hair does not have the same connotations with femininity. Not to mention the blonde hair was a mere design choice: Usagi’s hair was originally going to be silvery or white (to go with moonlight) when she transformed (or in both forms) but her editor told her blonde hair would look more visually striking. As for sexualisation: too bad. Lots of straight women artists love to draw pretty girls in skimpy outfits, look at the artwork of CLAMP. Look at Naoko Takeuchi’s artwork and manga: she has artwork of all the Senshi in lingerie and swimwear, Usagi with no bra on, Usagi in bed with her boyfriend. And of course the villains like Berthier and Aluminum Siren, who go into battle in lingerie. Feminists who whine about female artists who genuinely love drawing pretty girls in skimpy outfits remind me of Principal Skinner shouting “NO NO NO THE CURVACEOUS FEMALE FORM HAS NO PLACE IN ART!” Again, why shouldn’t Usagi’s ultimate dream to marry and have kids? What’s wrong with that? I am so sick of feminists ranting about women’s choices… but much of it seems to boil down to “women have the right to choose… but only if they choose what i choose for them to choose. Women cannot make choices I personally do not approve of.” Really the author of this article has no business being as smug as she does because of her ignorance of Japanese culture and the actual show is enough to cover several devil’s food cakes.



According to the author, Usagi wanting to get married, have children, and live happily ever after surrounded by love is an example of “patriarchal dreams” and is apparently shameful. I already wrote a post on why it isn’t okay for “feminists” to bash choices like this so I’ll move on. Actually, no, I’ll say it again: Feminism is about a woman’s right to choose and to lead her own life. If she wants to become a wife and mother, so be it.

really have to question the author’s familiarity with the show because all she’s doing is passing judgement on surface appearances. For the billionth time, Usagi isn’t a helpless little flower who always needs Tuxedo Mask to save her. If she runs into trouble, Tuxedo Mask distracts the enemy so Sailor Moon has a chance to regroup and finish off the foe by herself. In fact, in the original anime, Tuxedo Mask NEVER finished off anyone by himself.

And “male superiority?” Are you for real, OP? Sailor Moon has to be one of the most pro-woman shows ever. And most importantly, it manages to be pro-woman without becoming anti-man. The supporting male characters in Sailor Moon are shown to be wonderful people, just like the main female characters are. Sailor Moon teaches that women aren’t better than men and men aren’t better than women. We’re all pretty great.

And, as for the whole “OMG HOW DARE TEENAGE GIRLS WANT TO FIND A BEAU!!!’ thing, I find that really offensive because guess what, a lot of young girls DO dream of romance and want to find someone to be intimate with. There’s nothing shameful or wrong about wanting to find love. And, as I’ve pointed out before, it’s not like the Senshi are all “I’m just going to sit and wait for a man to get me!” Oh, hell no. These girls want a knight in shining armor and they’re going to go out and MAKE sure that it happens. They’re not content with waiting around, they want to take matters into their own hands. How is that a bad message for girls?

Also, “Give Usagi some agency and confidence besides her magical powers. And stop making her seem like a girlchild.” I really feel like this author only watched the first few episodes of SM or only read a few chapters because hello, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Usagi starts off as a crybaby and a klutz but eventually grows into a confident, capable, brave, and beautiful young lady who isn’t afraid to give up her life if that’s what it means to keep the world (and later, the whole universe) and her loved ones safe. The series is about Usagi (not to mention the rest of the girls) growing up, maturing from teenagers to young adults. 

Aside from Usagi, the other girls are wonderful role models. Ami wants to be a doctor and puts great importance on diligence and study. Mako shows us that it’s completely okay to be both masculine and feminine, and she wants to start her own business by opening up a floral/bakery shop. Minako is the badass and capable leader of the Senshi who wants to become a world-famous idol. Rei has more dreams than she knows what to do with and is hellbent on living a successful and fulfilling life. The Outer Senshi are wonderful role models too, but this is already super long so I’ll stop with the Inner girls.

I’m just really upset at how some people downplay how important and empowering Sailor Moon is just because it doesn’t fit into their standards of what an important and empowering show “should” be like. At least all the commenters on that page know what’s up.


Moment of bravery at the vet